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1971 Rolex Datejust 'Ghost'

36 mm

A Datejust with a superb grey "ghost" dial, a white gold fluted bezel, and the Rolex 1570 automatic movement.

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In 1945, Rolex celebrated their 40th anniversary by introducing the Datejust—the world’s first self-winding wristwatch to display a date window that automatically advanced at midnight. The initial reference 4467 was housed inside a 36mm 18K yellow gold case that featured a screw-down crown, a milled bezel, and a domed acrylic crystal. It wasn’t until the 1950s that references were given a cyclops lens and fluted bezel, both of which have become iconic fixtures of the Datejust line. 

One particular configuration that has developed a cult following in recent years is the exceedingly rare “ghost” Datejust. Seen across the 16XX references of the 60s and 70s, these watches came with light gray dials in both smooth and grained textures and were curiously adorned with white printing. Depending on the angle of view, the printed text fades as the color of the dial changes, creating a vanishing effect that has earned these watches their “ghost” nickname. Many mistake this phenomenon to be the result of patina over time, similar to the ghosting effect that happens with aluminum bezels. However, these dials did in fact come this way from the factory.

This particular example is one of the nicest we’ve ever seen, sporting an exceptionally strong case and a flawless dial with tritium plots and hour marker insets that have aged to a lovely golden hue. In addition, the watch comes with a period-correct 6251H folded link bracelet that’s very well-preserved with little-to-no stretch. We’re thrilled to present an opportunity to own this highly coveted piece from one of Rolex’s most storied and versatile watch lines.










Case Number:


Case Material:

Stainless steel


36 mm

Lug Width:

20 mm


11.7 mm


43.4 mm










Rolex 1570


Rolex 6251H stainless steel bracelet with 55 end links and 1/72 clasp code

Max Wrist Size:

7.25 in

Hand model has a wrist size of 6.2 in


UNWORN: Case is pristine with no signs of use. Original stickers may still be present. Dial, hands, and lume have no imperfections and may show natural, even aging.

MINT: Case has only a few superficial hairlines. Lugs are thick, full, and sharp with superb finishing. Dial, hands, and lume may have micro imperfections visible only with a loupe.

EXCELLENT: Case has very light scratches or nicks. Lugs are thick, full, and well-defined. Dial and hands may have imperfections visible upon close inspection. Lume is fully intact and may show slight discoloration.

VERY GOOD: Case may have a few moderate scratches or nicks. Lugs are thick and full but may have softened edges. Dial and hands may have light stains or marks. Lume may have cracks or discoloration.

GOOD: Case has many scratches and nicks. Lugs may show signs of moderate polishing with worn edges. Dial and hands may have noticeable stains or marks. Lume may be damaged or show significant discoloration.

Case: The stainless steel case has been remarkably well-preserved given its age. There are a few light hairlines and faint scuffs present throughout, but the overall presentation is very clean. The lugs are thick and sharp with superb definition between brushed and polished surfaces. The fluted bezel shows faint scratches and a couple tiny nicks, but remains strong and crisp. The caseback show normal signs of surface wear, but remains fantastic with sharp definition. The backs of the lugs have light scratches present from bracelet removal.

Dial, Hands, & Crystal: The gray grained dial is in pristine condition with a couple very tiny pieces of debris on the surface near the edges, but no notable imperfections. The polished hands show light signs of oxidation and a small piece of debris at the tip of the minutes hand. The tritium plots above the hour markers are fully intact and match the golden hue of the hands. When exposed to UV light, both briefly glow the same color and then quickly fade. The hour marker insets have aged to a yellow tone that is delightfully similar to the tritium. The acrylic crystal is in immaculate condition with crisp edges and no notable scratches or chipping present. There are two tiny specs underneath the crystal at the edge near 2:30 and 5:30.

Bracelet/Strap: The Rolex folded link bracelet has likewise been well-preserved with light surface wear and very little stretch present. The links retain their correct finishing, with the outer ones brushed and the inner ones polished. There are a couple small scratches and tiny cracks present to a few of the links, but nothing that compromises the integrity of the bracelet. The clasp shows a few light desk diving marks and the Rolex stamp remains sharp and detailed.


Timing: The watch has been measured with a timegrapher at six different positions. The rate, amplitude, and beat error are within acceptable ranges. While resting face up, the rate is +18s/d.

Functions: All functions including the crown winding and time setting are working as expected.

Service History: Unknown.

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What's Included

What's Included



Rolex Datejust on a stainless steel bracelet.