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2002 Omega Speedmaster Reduced Marui Mod

39 mm
Very good

A Speedmaster with a spectacular panda dial, a reduced case size, and the Omega 3220 automatic movement.

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In 1988, Omega introduced a smaller automatic version of its famous Speedmaster Professional under the reference 3510.50. The new watch utilized an ETA-based caliber fitted with a Dubois Dépraz chronograph module and housed it within a case that measured 3mm smaller than its older brother (39mm vs. 42mm). While it wasn’t the first Speedmaster with an automatic movement (that title goes to the Speedmaster Mark III released in 1972), the Speedmaster Reduced—as it was nicknamed—was an important watch that allowed Omega to reach a broader audience with its Speedmaster series. Finally, those with smaller wrists, and those who preferred the convenience of an automatic movement, were able to own a piece of Omega’s celestial history.  

Over time, the Speedmaster Reduced became a vessel for numerous limited editions, including a series of Schumacher racing dials and several panda configurations made specifically for the Japanese Domestic Market. Perhaps the most desireable of these are the first and second generation Marui department store models with creamy panda dials and black tachymeter bezels that harken back to vintage examples of the Rolex Daytona and Universal Geneve Compax. It is speculated that only a few thousand of these watches were made and sold in Japan for a limited period throughout the 2000s. 

Omega did produce additional dials and handsets of the Marui limited editions, presumably to cover the need for replacement at service. The extra supply has allowed for those with Omega parts accounts to independently source and sell them to collectors who then fit them on a base Speedmaster Reduced and “build” a Marui for less than the cost of the now scarce originals. This particular example is one such watch, coming from the factory as a 3510.50 and later being fitted with a first generation Marui dial and handset. Of course, the original dial and handset have been preserved, and can be swapped back if this watch were to ever be sent to Omega for servicing.





Speedmaster Reduced





Case Number:


Case Material:

Stainless steel


39 mm

Lug Width:

18 mm


12.1 mm


44.5 mm










Omega 3220


Omega 1469 stainless steel bracelet with 811 end links

Max Wrist Size:

7.625 in (24 links)

Hand model has a wrist size of 6.2 in


UNWORN: Case is pristine with no signs of use. Original stickers may still be present. Dial, hands, and lume have no imperfections and may show natural, even aging.

MINT: Case has only a few superficial hairlines. Lugs are thick, full, and sharp with superb finishing. Dial, hands, and lume may have micro imperfections visible only with a loupe.

EXCELLENT: Case has very light scratches or nicks. Lugs are thick, full, and well-defined. Dial and hands may have imperfections visible upon close inspection. Lume is fully intact and may show slight discoloration.

VERY GOOD: Case may have a few moderate scratches or nicks. Lugs are thick and full but may have softened edges. Dial and hands may have light stains or marks. Lume may have cracks or discoloration.

GOOD: Case has many scratches and nicks. Lugs may show signs of moderate polishing with worn edges. Dial and hands may have noticeable stains or marks. Lume may be damaged or show significant discoloration.

Case: The stainless steel case shows light signs of wear with some hairlines, tiny scratches, and small nicks. The bottom edge of the case sides near the lugs at 5 and 11 o’clock have a couple very faint dings. The lugs themselves are thick and sharp with superb definition between brushed and polished surfaces. The tachymeter bezel is in excellent condition, with no scratches or peeling and a few small nicks at the outer edge. The caseback shows normal wear for a watch this age, with hairlines, light scratches, and faint scuffs throughout. The backs of the lugs have light scratching from bracelet removal. The hippocampus and serial number engravings remain sharp and detailed.

Dial, Hands, & Crystal: The cream dial and black painted hands are in pristine condition with no notable imperfections and fully functioning LumiNova. The hesalite crystal is super clean and free of any major dings or scratches.

Bracelet/Strap: The stainless steel bracelet shows little-to-no stretch and light signs of wear with a few hairlines and tiny scuffs throughout. There is a small scratch to the center of the endlink at 6 o’clock. The clasp has a few desk diving marks, but nothing major. The "Speedmaster" engraving and Omega stamp are crisp and detailed.


Timing: The watch has been measured with a timegrapher at six different positions. The rate, amplitude, and beat error are within acceptable ranges. While resting face up, the rate is +2s/d.

Functions: All functions including the crown winding, time setting, and chronograph start/stop/reset are working as expected.

Service History: The watch recently underwent a full service by D's Time Service that was completed on 09/28/2023.

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What's Included

What's Included



Omega Speedmaster Reduced Marui Mod on a stainless steel bracelet.



Boxes, instructions, leather card holder, original dial and handset, five additional links, and guarantee dated October 2002.



Service record from D's Time Service dated September 2023.